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Soy Rubber and the Police

Goodyear has released a new tire called the Eagle Enforcer, this tire has been designed for the law enforcement pursuit market. As a tire that needs to perform in a variety of extremely challenging environments, it features several of Goodyear's latest developments. One of these developments is its use of a soy based rubber infused with silica. Goodyear claims that this delivers superior traction for the intended use.

Soy based rubber is reported to remain soft at lower temperatures than its more traditional alternatives and this has led to its use for all season tires in the past. There are also reports of a modest increase in tread life. This sort of development could also be more environmentally friendly than other solutions if the soy is procured from environmentally sound sources.

It should be noted that the percentage of soy in tires that use it seems to be fairly low currently, generally under 10%. This could begin to change with increasing regulations of tires with highly aromatic oils in many countries. These oils are suspected of being carcinogenic and soy based oils are one of the alternatives being investigated.