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Tire Pyrolysis

Tire pyrolysis put simply is a process of putting a tire into a enclosed space and roasting it in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen. The tire is generally ground into small pieces to make this process much more efficient. This produces oil, steel and pyrolysis residue. If the roasting process goes well there are few to no emissions and tires can be recycled. The oil and steel can then be repurposed immediately while the residue is generally refined into carbon black which can be used in the production of new rubber.

Tire Pyrolysis is a significant growth area in regards to tires and there have been significant developments in its use from 2017. Klean Industries in Vancouver, Canada is looking towards using its tire pyrolysis plant to create a circular economy where tires are recycled to help create new tires. This could lead to a significant waste reduction in the industry.

There are reports that DoubleStar in China that runs one the world's largest pyrolysis plants is expanding as part of the China Manufacturing 2025 which seeks to upgrade green manufacturing processes in that country. This could lead to significant expansion of tire recycling in China.