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Searching "Tire" on Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that allows a person to search through academic papers and patent applications. It is perhaps less able to find relevant results than some specialized academic search engines but for a casual look through a broad spectrum of academic databases it does suffice. So while looking for new ideas for articles I did a quick search for the query tire and discovered a few things.

People really want to know about tire chips. Tire chips are used in cement, retaining materials and paving. There appears to be a lot of research into the various aspects of tire chips and their suitability for many uses. This makes sense considering that tire chips are essentially free since there is demand to recycle tires. If any new use is found that displaces a purchased item then the savings could be considerable.

Shredded tire particles are being researched as mulch and soil additives. Much the same reasons as above I would imagine though this use is probably even more profitable since a coloured mulch is likely quite a marketable item. They sell that in hardware stores near me.

A lot of people are researching smart tires. The idea of a tire monitoring it's tire pressure and being able to alert that their is an issue with such a pressure. I think this is quite a useful area of research. The attempts at a sensor within a tire faces many challenges however. Since it essentially needs to operate in rotating object with high heat, impact and air pressure. Then it has little opportunity to recharge its battery so needs to be able to run for exceptional long periods without an additional power source.

I might write about each of these subjects individually at some point.